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4 Simple Ways to Give Back

4 Simple Ways to Give Back

December 06, 2022

As you take a moment to reflect upon all of the things that bring you comfort and joy this holiday season, consider giving back to those in need. Whether you are participating in an organized fundraiser or diving headfirst into your own event, every little bit makes a difference in your community.

Donate to a local food drive.

Whether you donate a few canned goods or an entire truckload to the local food bank, every nonperishable item collected contributes to the hunger relief in your local area. This year, challenge yourself to configure nutritious donations that would make complete meals or that will cover all of the major food groups.

Prepare a meal.
Since no holiday is complete without a feast, consider giving a holiday meal to a needy family in your neighborhood. Team up with fellow neighbors to collect and deliver a frozen turkey and all the necessary side dish fixings. Or take the reins of your own family’s holiday dinner in order to give other family members a break.

Inspire the community.
When a fundraiser arises that you are interested in supporting, increase your impact by encouraging friends and family members to join you in the good cause. You can also organize your own nonprofit event to help spread the feel-good momentum throughout the community.

Give the gift of companionship.
The holidays can be rough for those who do not have family close by. Consider opening your home to friends or acquaintances whom you know do not have plans. Or volunteer at a local nursing home, and spend some time cheering up someone who’s lonely. Sometimes, a genuine conversation is all you need to warm the soul.


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